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A large part of the enjoyment of cycling is being in the great outdoors,
and cycle camping can seem a very natural extension of that. On our camping tours the camaraderie of the group makes the spirit of the day last longer as everyone relives the events of the day in an open space, rather than disappearing behind closed doors in a hotel. Watching the sun set while sipping a glass of wine or a cup of tea with friends, waking to the sound of birds twittering in the trees and having breakfast sitting in the sunshine can really make your day!
Yes, you have a bit more luggage to carry, but it's practically unnoticeable unless climbing up a mountain, and even then using a lower gear and slightly slower pace will keep it from being a struggle.

  Kyrgyz Republic          3+ 
Coming soon - please email the leader for further details
17th June 2019 (Mon) - 30th June 2019 : 14 days£
Enthusiast + ATOL   
Moving-on, Off-road  :  Air  :  Guesthouse, Camping  :  Full board  :  Full vehicle support
A fully supported adventure through the Heavenly Mountains. Cross remote high passes overlooked by snow-capped peaks, descend through deep gorges to flower filled meadows on the banks of Son Kul Lake and overnight in a shepherd's yurt. Learn about nomadic culture and experience their hospitality. Fly London Heathrow/Bishkek.
Leader: John & Pat AshwellRef: D1830
  Mongolia          A  
Coming soon - please email the leader for further details
26th June 2019 (Wed) - 16th July 2019 : 21 days£3650
Adventurous ATOL   
Moving-on, Off-road  :  Air  :  Hotel, Camping  :  Full board  :  Full vehicle support
PLEASE NOTE: the return date is different to that in Cycle. A challenging tour for fit adventurous cyclists, 100% off-road and travelling through remote areas. From Ulaanbaatar fly to the Gobi Desert where the cycling begins. The route to Karakorum traverses desert, mountains and vast open plains, home to the remaining traditional nomadic people. Most accommodation is in tents or tourist Gers (yurts). 35-76kmpd. Fly London Heathrow/Istanbul/Ulaanbaatar.
Leader: Neil WheadonRef: PM29
  Netherlands & Germany - Amsterdam to Bremen          2+ 
Coming soon - please email the leader for further details
18th August 2019 (Sun) - 30th August 2019 : 13 days£350
Moderate + ABTOT   
Moving-on  :  Land-only  :  Camping  :  Self catering  :  Carry own luggage
An unsupported cycle camping tour, Starting in Beverwijk near Amsterdam and cycling to Bremen, returning by train to Amsterdam.
Leader: William MillerRef: PH600

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