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  India, South Kerala & Tamil Nadu        no places availableRef: 1765
  Belize & Guatemala        no places availableRef: 1766
  Spanish Primavera        no places availableRef: 1768
  India, South Kerala & Tamil Nadu          2   
3 places available including one for a male to share with another male
22nd February 2018 (Thu) - 11th March 2018 : 18 days£2750
Moderate ATOL   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Air  :  Hotel  :  Half board  :  Full vehicle support
A tropical paradise. Warmth and sunshine, palm fringed beaches, tea, coffee and spice plantations, friendly people and superb South Indian cuisine. Witness sunset from Cape Cormorin. Cruise the fabulous inland waterways on converted rice barges. Visit Cochinís antique and spice warehouses. Fly London Heathrow or Manchester to Trivandrum, returning from Cochin.
Leader: Colin WardRef: 1775
  Spanish Primavera (2)        no places availableRef: 1774

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